• What does MERGE stand for?

      MERGE defines how privately driven autonomous ride-sharing models can interact with public transport systems.

      By fitting autonomous vehicles into a broader transport network, we may be able to improve people’s lives by enhancing transport provision to make it even more accessible and convenient for all.

  • What is the MERGE Greenwich project going to achieve?

      The MERGE Greenwich project will develop the blueprint for a scalable commercial pilot for an autonomous vehicle ride-sharing service, which is integrated with public transport systems.

      So, what exactly will the project deliver?

      • A plan on how autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing will integrate into public transport systems, focussed on the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
      • Advanced simulation and analysis to demonstrate how this integrated solution can benefit consumers, society and the environment.
      • Ideas on how to improve the efficiency of the way we travel around cities and how to reduce congestion and emissions.
      • Requirements for a vehicle which would integrate optimally into this mobility solution
      • A review of customer barriers to the adoption of such a service and design considerations to overcome them.
      • A detailed commercial and business model
  • Where is the project taking place?

      The MERGE Greenwich project will be based at the Smart Mobility Living Lab: London in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Located in the heart of London, Greenwich is one of the UK’s leading smart cities and a global reference point for mobility innovation.

  • Who is leading the project?

      The MERGE Greenwich project is led by the global mobility operator, Addison Lee Group, which has been leading in mobility innovation for over 40 years. As well as overseeing the project as a whole, Addison Lee is leading the work package, which focusses on business, and operating model development.

  • Which organisations form the MERGE Greenwich consortium?

      In addition to Addison Lee Group, the MERGE Greenwich consortium members are Ford, TRL, Transport Systems Catapult, DG Cities and Immense Simulations. Find out more about the roles each consortium member is playing on our Partners page.

  • How is the MERGE Greenwich project funded?

      The total value of the MERGE Greenwich project is just under £1 million and is co-funded by industry and government. Innovate UK has awarded £736,000 to the consortium and the remaining costs are being met by the consortium members, mainly Addison Lee Group.

  • How will the MERGE Greenwich project develop results?

      The MERGE Greenwich consortium will pool data relating to all aspects of an AV ride-sharing system which integrates with public transport. This includes vehicle requirements, traffic management, passenger journeys, customer decision criteria, policies, etc. This data will be modelled by Transport Systems Catapult, which will be developed further by Immense Simulations, who will carry out an advanced simulation. This simulation will indicate how the integrated ride-sharing model could work in a real-world environment and how it could be optimised to ensure it is commercially viable and able to meet consumer needs.

  • When will the MERGE Greenwich project take place?

      The MERGE Greenwich project began on 1st July 2017 and will be carried out over 12 months.

  • How will the MERGE Greenwich project benefit the UK?

      MERGE Greenwich will showcase the UK’s cutting-edge mobility capability by developing a custom-designed blueprint for AV ride-sharing. By reinforcing the UK’s position as a global leader in this field, the country can attract further research and development investment, leading to new jobs, new opportunities and growth for the economy.

      With some of the brightest British automotive and ground transport brains involved, the MERGE Greenwich partnership will continue to help pave the way for autonomous vehicles on the streets of London at scale, to provide significantly improved transport. This will put the UK at the forefront of global mobility development.

  • How will the MERGE Greenwich project benefit the consumer?

      With the advent of connected and autonomous vehicles, there is now an opportunity to redefine transport in our cities and towns. Offering modern, flexible and responsive mobility services that can be shared by the public is likely to reduce the cost to the consumer, reduce the number of journeys and vehicles on our roads – helping the environment and improving road safety.

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